A $850 Value

Build Your Perfect Ring—FOR FREE

Sometimes an off-the-shelf ring just won’t do. Come in and design a custom ring that fits your unique style, or uses sentimental gemstones. For a limited time, we’ll print out a sample mold for free (a $850 value).

Schedule a time to come into our store to build your dream ring

Create your own dream ring with one of our specialists in under 30 minutes. 

Print IT

Get a FREE customized wax print that you can try on right in store.  The print is yours to keep. 

Order direct through Nelson Coleman Jewelers for the highest quality standards. 



Come in and build your dream ring at Nelson Coleman, and we’ll give you the ring print out for FREE—a $850 value!


How it Works

Why Choose Us?

30-Day Turnaround

Custom designing your ring doesn't have to take a long time. Our turnaround time from the first appointment to delivery is under 30 days.

Affordable Pricing

Many ring buyers are surprised at how affordable it is to design a custom ring. With new technology, we can design it all in-house.

Cutting-Edge Technology

We use cutting-edge software to design and print your ring, making sure you get exactly what you want with no compromises.

Recently Designed Rings

Get a FREE Wax Ring Print

Fill out your information and receive a free custom wax print—a $500 value!